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South Eastern Virginia Goth

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Welcome to the South Eastern Virginia Goth Community aka SEVAgoth. This area is also known as Tidewater, Hampton Roads and 7cities. The main 7 are Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach. For those still not sure if they have come to the right place, the local area code is 757.

This community was created to be a forum for those with an interest in the gothic/industrial/ebm/punk/metal/experimental/noise music scene.
Curiousity seekers and "wanna be's" are welcome. We don't bite...much.
General conversation is welcome, but please no online quizzes. If your entry is real long or has dirty photos-use a cut tag...and a warning.
If you do not live in the area but frequent the area or will just be having a show in the area you are also welcome to join.
Announcements for events in Charlottesville, Richmond and DC are welcomed. After all some things are worth an hour drive(or two, or three).

Link(s) of Interest (to our area):




The Norfolk Goth Meetup Group

Got a link of local interest? Local.Goth.Interest. Want to see it here? Just ask.

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*A note from your moderator* I don't tolerate bullshit, flame wars, posting of drama/personal info. Nothing good ever comes from such nonsense. If you can't play nice-don't play at all.

Posting or promoting illegal activity will NOT be tolerated.