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Thu, Jun. 23rd, 2011, 11:51 pm
rainingdays: Freak Day @ King's Dominion is THIS SATURDAY!

It's time once again for Freak Day at King's Dominion! Join the Black Clad Masses on JUNE 25th as we descend upon Kings Dominion to pillage and take over rides.

Discount Tickets are $33 this year.

We don't have a code of our own this year, so on the King's Dominion website click on tickets, then corporate partner, then enter the company ID: KDFUN02. Make sure you pick Summer Fun Days Price $33. For the wee kiddies, the Junior/Senior discount is $30.

Tickets for people w/ No Credit Cards
A limited number of official discount Freak Day tickets will be available outside the gate for those without credit cards. Just look for the "DC FREAKS" booth outside of the main gate, open until 2:30 pm.

As always, we converge at the park entrance at Noon for the usual sacrifices and taking of photos of our group. At 5pm we meet again at the Bumper Cars for more rendering of images of our slightly more burnt group then for the merriment of all take over the Bumper Cars to the chant of KILL! KILL! KILL!

View the pictures from last year's event HERE: